A few weeks ago I was talking to a young leader, trying to upgrade his vision casting skills. I gave him four simple tips about communicating vision.

1. CLARITY. Leaders must create clarity by narrowing the focus when casting vision. A vision to do everything that can be done in the name of God is not a vision at all. It is a sign of undisciplined thinking. The leader’s job is to focus the organization on the core essentials. The more we focus on and clarify essentials, the easier it is to identify and eliminate non-essentials.

2. COMPELLING. Once vision is clarified, it must be communicated in a way that is compelling. A leader who makes an unprepared sloppy vision presentation can make an otherwise exciting vision seem boring. Compelling vision produces action. Boring vision produces nothing.

3. COMMITMENT. Casting a clear and compelling vision without calling for commitment is a waste of everyone’s time. Real leaders are committed and they call others to commitment. Some leaders are hesitant to demand sacrificial commitment because they are not all-in themselves. Commitment is an example that leaders set, not a message they teach. Leadership commitment is contagious. So is leadership non-commitment.

4. COMMUNITY. Clear and compelling vision attracts committed people. As these people sacrifice for the common vision, community happens. Trying to create community for the sake of community creates unhealthy ingrown short-lived community. Doing vision together creates strong healthy long-term community.

SUMMARY. As a leader, you are the CVC (chief vision caster) for your church, ministry, or organization. If you communicate a vision that is clear and compelling, if you model and call for commitment, you will end up with a strong healthy community. You will also accomplish the vision.