Professor, author, pastor. Eugene Peterson’s life was lived before the throne of God. His love for God poured out through his words, whether in lectures, books, or sermons. His impact is still felt today as his legacy continues through his writings. Catch a glimpse of the love that captured his heart and motivated him to love others well.

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Eric turned the knob slowly, silently. He peered through the crack. And even now, Erick’s eyes turn moist as he tells me the memory while we sit together. A small woven rug lay on the tile floor before his dad’s desk. Candlelight flickered from the wine bottle. Eugene rested on his knees with a tallit—the tasseled Jewish prayer shawl—wrapped around his shoulders, a Hebrew Psalter splayed in front of him. He rocked gently, engrossed in the world of the Scriptures, surrendering to ancient prayers. . . . Only a boy, but he knew he’d witnessed something holy.