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On Success in Life and Ministry

December 8, 2008

Every Nation Winter Conference Notes & Quotes (part 2)

Three days in Jacksonville, Florida with 180 American pastors, church planters and campus missionaries. Great time of worship and fellowship. Here are some notes and quotes from day 2 on success in life and ministry.

Russ Austin
– Friends are an assignment from God.
– We can’t create friendships for everyone, but we can build a culture where friendships grow.

– The biggest pitfall in ministry is pride.

Kevin York
– Humility is simply having an accurate memory.
– Success starts with healthy self-awareness – knowing who you are – and knowing who you are not.

Jim Laffoon

– We tend to measure our success by externals rather than eternals. Real success is about eternal things – beginning with our relationship with Christ.
– When I was a pastor, my greatest mistake was counseling too much and discipling too little.
– The only person who wants to be in charge is the person who is real insecure and has never been in charge.

***accidental missionary sports page discussion about Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya massacre***

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