Who Are We Voting For?

MANILA—Today, millions of Americans will vote in another “high stakes” and bitterly partisan election. As always, this election will be billed as “the most important mid-term election in our lifetime,” and it will seem as if the future of life as we know it hangs in...

Three Leadership Lessons from Korean Megachurches

SEOUL—This week, I am in Seoul, Korea, for the third and final residency period of my Asbury Theological Seminary doctoral program. It’s good to be back with my cohort (and the "Asbury Eight"), and it’s good to spend some face-to-face time with our professors, some of...

Five Minute Leadership: Internship

An internship is an opportunity to watch, learn, and lead with more experienced leaders. Steve unpacks the final leadership multipliers: Internship. #5MinuteLeadershp

Five-Minute Leadership: Instruction

Leaders are learners. Life-long leaders are life-long learners. Steve Murrell discusses the next part to training up newly identified leaders: instruction. #5MinuteLeadership