1.5 million dollars a minute.  That’s what Ricky Hatten was paid to have his face re-arranged by Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao Saturday night in Las Vegas and around the world on PPV.

Manny made about $2 million per minute.

course if you add in all the hours of training, running, sparring…
Manny actually made a little over min wage – well, maybe a lot over.
But the point is that every minute of glory and victory requires a
thousand hours of hard work, preparation and strategic planning. And
every minute in

the glare of the spotlight and the sound of 10,000 adoring fans –
requires weeks of lonely painful blood, sweat and tears that few are
willing to endure.

all want victory and success, but most of us run from the pain and
discipline that is the foundation of success. We want the glo
ry, but not the cross.

work and discipline is not nearly as exciting as “$1 million per
minute” – but that’s reality.  There is not an top-shelf athlete in the
world today who trains and plans as hard as Manny P.

His victory did not come easy – neither will yours.