As leaders, we tend to love the type of church or ministry members who are “all in.” The more committed, the better, right?

Maybe; maybe not. After reading Mark 2–3 the other day, I realized that in the gospels, those who often received the harshest rebuke from Jesus were the quintessential “all in” types—the Pharisees.

The sobering reality for all of us is that those who are deeply committed to God’s word are still at risk of slipping into Pharisaical tendencies. Our love of policy and process can sometimes get in the way of the mission.

As I reflect on Jesus’ example in this passage and his harsh rebuke of the Pharisees, I see the following:

  • Pharisees love rules but break people.
  • Jesus loves people but breaks rules.

 I hope you’ll consider these questions for your church, campus ministry, or team that you lead:

  • Who is empowered to make exceptions to the rule?
  • Who is empowered to bend and break the rules?
  • Which rules can never be broken?