Consensus leadership happens when a team of individuals works together to collectively make a decision. Positional leadership happens when a leader has a certain hierarchical position that allows him or her to make quick, unilateral decisions.

Many of you have very likely experienced the frustration of having a leader offer too much consensus leadership and not enough positional leadership—and vice versa. The truth is that all leaders need to be able to do both.

But today, using Ezekiel 33:1–7, we’re going to talk about positional leadership specifically and why we need it.

Spiritual leaders are positional leaders—much like the watchmen we see in Ezekiel. We have been put on a wall to stand guard, watch, and call people to action.

From that position, we are often able to see the whole picture, giving us a unique level of wisdom. With that wisdom, we should exhibit the following things:

  1. Humility
  2. Confidence
  3. Patience

If God has called you to be a spiritual watchman, my encouragement is to lead with humility, confidence, and patience.