Moses was one of the strongest leaders ever, but occasionally the leadership burden got to him. At one particularly low moment, he said to God, “I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me” (Numbers 11:14).

Moses discovered that doing leadership alone is a heavy burden. He also discovered that equipping and empowering next-generation leaders is the best way to lighten the leadership load.

That sounds simple, but how do we equip and empower leaders? Here are four leadership development tips from Numbers 11:

1. GROW YOUR OWN. Next-generation leaders are already with you. When more leaders were needed, God told Moses to bring 70 of Israel’s elders. He did not tell him to find some Egyptians. The future leaders were already with Moses, he just had not yet recognized them (Numbers 11:16a).

2. LOOK FOR LOYALTY. Next-generation leaders must be willing to “stand with you” for a season. If they are only interested in replacing you and are not willing to stand with you, then they are not ready to lead (Numbers 11:16b).

3. THE GOD FACTOR. Next-generation leaders need the power of the Spirit. No amount of natural leadership ability, education, or charisma can replace the power of God’s Spirit. You have your part to play, but only God can anoint leaders with the power of his Spirit (Numbers 11:17).

4. THE NECESSITY OF COMMITMENT. Next-generation leaders must consecrate themselves. You can teach them and you can train them, but only they can consecrate themselves (Numbers 11:18).

If your leadership burden seems too heavy to bear, it’s probably time to identify, equip, and empower a new generation of leaders.