Moments to Movements

Do you build moments or movements? Steve Murrell looks at how you affect the longevity of your ministry by building one and not the other. #5MinuteLeadership

Preparation and Provision

Leaders build for the future through preparation and provision. Steve Murrell looks at how long-term thinking will ensure success for your successors....

Biblical Best Practices

Succession planning and leadership transition must be continual processes if we want to see the next generation succeed. Steve Murrell talks about the previous generation's role in setting up their successors....

Healthy Leadership Transition

Leaders must think about the future, not just their own success and prosperity. Steve Murrell looks at the consequences of poor succession planning. #5MinuteLeadership

Leadership is Temporary

Will you hold on or plan ahead? Developing and building leaders involves preparing for your successors. Steve Murrell shares wisdom on letting go of what is temporary. #5MinuteLeadership

Reasoning from the Promise

Well able or not able? When faced with real hardships, how do you answer? Steve Murrell discusses how leaders respond to challenges when going after the promise of God.

Five-Minute Leadership: Relying on the Holy Spirit

Solving our leadership shortages requires the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Steve Murrell discusses how our programs and potential alone aren't enough to complete our God-given mission. #5MinuteLeadership

Five-Minute Leadership: Honor God

God expects us to honor him, individually, as families, as churches, as campus ministries, and as a global movement. Steve talks about the starting point of Every Nation....