Every wonder what goes through your pastor’s mind an hour and a half before the worship service? According to the “Clueless Church Planter” blog, here’s what is going on inside the brain of Pastor Dennis Sy 90 minutes before he walks to the pulpit to preach at Victory-Greenhills.

10. Will my preaching fly?
9. Who are all these people?
8. What are their needs?
7. How do I simplify my message one last time?
6. Will the volunteers show up? (I love volunteers!)
5. I hope worship will be great.
4. I have to meet with the production team – how can I energize them?
3. Man, I’m nervous!
2. God please come in our midst today.

And, the #1 thought in the minds of most pastors (in Greenhills) 90 minutes before the sermon…

1. Where will I eat later?

What’s going on in your mind 90 minutes before church?
What do you think YOUR pastor is thinking about 90 minutes before church?

NOTE: Now on vacation with my fam in DC, so i’m borrowing this top 10 list from my friend the “clueless church planter.”