Five-Minute Leadership with Steve Murrell

Five-Minute Leadership: Impartation

Instruction transforms a leader’s mind, but impartation transforms the heart. Steve explains why relationship is critical to training new leaders. #5MinuteLeadership

Five-Minute Leadership: Instruction

Leaders are learners. Life-long leaders are life-long learners. Steve Murrell discusses the next part to training up newly identified leaders: instruction. #5MinuteLeadership

Five-Minute Leadership: Identification

Where do I find more leaders? Identify potential leaders in your church, and help them identify their God-given gifts, calling, and opportunities to lead.

The Multiplication Challenge

Chapter 5

Will leaders grow organically? When the number of disciples exploded beyond what their leaders could handle, Steve and his team at Victory in Manila examined their processes to figure out how to fix the gap. Chapter 5 unveils the four leadership...

Chapter 4

Should leaders stop growing? Leaders are often tempted to focus on excelling in skill or exceeding their peers in title, or even to believe that they can outgrow the need to grow. After developing many leaders and learning through tough lessons in his own...

Chapter 3

Can leaders be listeners? The widely accepted image of a leader is one who talks, directs, and runs the program. But in Chapter 3, Steve and William express why leaders must become good at accepting the thoughts we don't come up with—i.e. listening. Who...

Chapter 2

Is leadership plural? Success can bring new problems with it. Many of us are aware that growth brings new weight, responsibilities, and the need for more leaders. Chapter 2 shares insights into becoming the leader you need to be, and training up the...

Chapter 1

Steve and William Murrell sat down with leaders of different ages and spheres of influence to talk about leadership and leadership development. These conversations were guided by the Introduction and first five chapters of their co-written leadership...


Do numbers matter? Steve Murrell learned a lesson about chasing the wrong numbers and sliding towards the wrong definitions of success early on as a church planter. As your church, organization, or company grows, “we’re all going to count something.” But...