I’m a recovering a workaholic but my friend, Sam Aiyedogbon,
takes it to the next level. 5 days in Nigeria with Sam & Grace.
Wow! Didn’t know it was possible to do so much in 5 days.  

As expected Nigerian weather was hot and the churches are on fire!

The Church in the rest of the world could learn a lot from the Nigerian believers. These people really know how to worship, pray, celebrate, dance, serve, laugh and dress with the best of them.

the first few days I felt uncomfortable with all the honor the
Nigerians  pour on their spiritual leaders. I’m used to carrying my own
Bible. I’m not used to personal security, reserved parking, special
seating and piles of gifts.

But after some of my Nigerian
friends explained the tribal culture of honor – I decided the Church in
the West could use a lesson in tribal honor.

Some spiritual
leaders take this tribal honor code to a cultic level and live like
little gods – but Pastor Sam and Grace are bring a much needed balance
to the Church in their nation. They are honorable servant-leaders who
are respected nation-wide for their humility, character and integrity.

Can’t wait to return, and learn.