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The Death of Civility

September 14, 2009

Every day our culture seems to become more arrogant, mean-spirited and self-absorbed.

Is there no civility left in America?

Consider the past 4 days…
– Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama's speech, shouting "You Lie!"
– Serena Williams threaten to kill a line judge at the US Open for calling a foot fault on her serve.

And last night, Kanye West took the stage hostage during the MTV
awards, grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift as she was giving her
acceptance speech, and disrespected Taylor and the whole event. (An
event that was not worthy of much respect anyway.)

When civility dies, so does the culture.

on the rare occasions when civility is resurrected, people embrace it.

Consider the last election. I think civility contributed to President
Obama's victory. People who didn't like the policies, liked the
person. And people who liked McCain's policies, often disliked the
crusty mean warrior persona. Americans were sick of the arrogant
blood-fest of politics, so when a man who was gracious and civil
stepped on the stage, the nation ignored the policies and elected the
man. Civility won.

Wouldn't it be nice to occasionally see civility in sports, entertainment, politics, business, homes and church? 


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