Another US presidential election is over. Unlike post-election reality in many nations, the opposition is not dead and not in jail. I am grateful for the rule of law.

President Obama will be in the White House for four more years. Some of my American friends are happy about that, others are threatening to move to Canada, but not until spring when the great white north thaws a bit.

I am bothered about the disrespect some pastors show toward the highest office in our land. You may not like the person, party, or policy – but you must respect the office. Respect for the office is an important leadership principle taught throughout the Bible.

Enough about American politics. I am also concerned about the disrespect many Christians show towards authority in general – especially authority in the home, the church, and the Bible.

If you are a leader, I hope you are also a follower. If you have
authority, I hope you are also under authority. And, if you are a leader
with a following/staff/team and you sometimes get frustrated with the
leaders you are supposed to follow, please read this verse and learn
from David.

“David rebuked his men and DID NOT ALLOW THEM TO ATTACK SAUL.” (1 Samuel 24:7)

Saul was a difficult leader to honor. But David still honored him. And David expected his men to honor Saul as long as he was their king.

It was not enough that David refused to dishonor Saul. He took it a step further. David did not allow his men to dishonor Saul by attacking when Saul was in a vulnerable position. David rebuked his men for even hinting at an attack.

Maybe Saul deserved to be attacked, but it was not their place to decide that.

If David had allowed the attack and dishonor to go unchallenged, then it would not be long until someone decided that David deserved to be attacked.

Wise leaders do not allow their staff to attack other leaders, no matter how poorly those leaders are currently leading.

Leadership lesson: if you ever hear your team attacking a leader, shut it down immediately and permanently.

Here’s a blog I posted a few years ago on a similar topic: The Lost Art of Honor & Respect.