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Mother’s Day, Pres Obama and Abortion

May 10, 2009

For my Mother's Day
blog, I'm posting 2 blogs by my friend Stephen Mansfield about the
abortion battle in America. Don't worry, this is worth reading even if
you are not American, and even if you are not a mother.

(I'm posting the whole blog rather than a link b/c
Stephen's blog still does not accept links to specific blogs. Come on Stephen, update that ancient blog site of yours.)


The Pro-Life Message: Winning Hearts and Minds

by Stephen Mansfield
08 May, 2009

describe my politics in this way: libertarian as far as my faith
allows. Abortion is one of those issues that I cannot leave alone
because my faith will not allow it. I believe abortion is the taking of
a human life and that it damages any society that sanctions it. I
believe this on the basis of science, Scripture and the
demographic trends of a receding western world. 

Now, for quite
some time I've been trying to get my fellow pro-life advocates to stop
being so glum about living in an Obama age. Yes, I understand that he
is the most radically pro-abortion president we've ever had. Yet, I
also understand that there is a difference between politics and what is
happing "on the street." While we might be losing ground in federal
abortion policy, we are gaining ground when it comes to American hearts
and minds.

The Pew Forum has just reported that Americans are
making a strong turn against abortion these days. The portion of
Americans saying that abortion should be legal has declined from 54%
last August to 46% percent today. Currently, 44% of Americans say that
abortion should be illegal in most cases, up from 41% last August. Read
the poll results for yourself here.

I have been arguing for quite some time that just because the Obama
administration is expanding access to abortions doesn't mean that we
can't convince good-hearted Americans with the facts–with our photos,
with our statistics, with our ultrasounds, with our post-abortion
profiles, and from a case based in faith.

I'm more optimistic
about the pro-life message than ever and largely because I'm not
letting my optimism rise or fall based on what the Obama administration
does. My optimism is rooted in the truth of my cause and the
fair-mindedness of my fellow citizens.

Great days are ahead, my pro-life friends. Stand strong

Our Pro-Life Movement
by Stephen Mansfield
05 March, 2009

is a great deal of discouragement in the pro-life community these days.
Barack Obama is proving to be the most pro-abortion president in our
history and for many who work to defend the unborn this is a time of
deep and tearful disillusionment.

I believe the opposite ought
to be true. Yes, Obama is what we expected: radically in support of
abortion of most every kind. And, yes, this is tragic and, yes, we
should pray and work for a change.

But let me mention some
reasons for us to soldier on in vision and in hope. First, we are
winning the battle of hearts and minds. The statistics now show that a
majority of Americans believe that the life in the womb is a human
being and that to abort is to bring that life to an end. This progress
did not come from government but from pro-life centers and services
throughout the nation.

It also came from the second reason we
ought to stand strong: technology is on our side. Surveys also show
that what has convinced many Americans who have changed their minds is
ultrasonic photography. When people see what is in the womb–the
heartbeat and the fingers and the little body forming even from early
in the pregnancy–they realize what they did not understand before:
this "fetus" is a child. And it should be protected at all costs.
Notice that this technology-induced change came while abortion was
legal yet it was the facts that won hearts and minds. This is the path
of the future for us.

And, finally, Americans are increasingly
being turned from abortion when they see the results of what
infanticide and low birthrates have done to our European friends. This
is becoming a hedge against abortion for cultural reasons even for
those who otherwise aren't convinced of the pro-life message.

see, for a country to maintain its population, it must have a birthrate
of at least 2.1. Below that and the population declines; above and it
grows. Well, the U.S. has just a hair below 2.1, but Italy is 1.2.
Ireland is 1.87. Spain is 1.1 and Russia's is 1.2. But consider this:
Somalia is 6.91. Yemen is 6.75 and Niger is 6.83. The rate for Iran,
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is about the same. You tell me what this
means in fifty years.

As Americans become aware of these
demographic trends and of the tragedies that are occurring because
Europe is aborting itself to death, increasing numbers are starting to
see the pro-life effort as one of the most patriotic projects of all.
And this is as it should be, for as the Old Testament book of Proverbs
tells us, a large population is a glory to a people. So it is with
America today whether Mr. Obama knows it or not.

So, my friends,
do not be discouraged. The political battles are not yet lost, but even
if we do not win in that arena, we are already winning where it counts:
in the hearts and minds of Americans. And this may mean that one day it
won't matter that abortion is legal because nobody will want one.
Instead, Americans may come to understand what we already know about
the value of that all important life in the womb.

Be encouraged. Our finest hour may be upon us.

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