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“Missions is the Family Business”

August 17, 2009

Quotes from Leonard Sweet’s new book, So Beautiful:

1. “Mission is not an activity of the church but an attribute of God.”

2. “God is a missionary God, Jesus is a missionary Messiah, and the Spirit
is a missionary Spirit. Missions is the family business.”

3. “God doesn’t just have an agenda for you to do; God has a mission for you to live.”

4. "We don't need more mission trips but more mission people for whom all of life is a mission trip."

5. “Disciples of Jesus live a mission-shaped life. Every life is a
missionary life. Every marriage is a missionary marriage. Every
vocation is a missionary vocation. We’re all on assignment.”

Speaking of being on assignment,
American news icon, Walter Cronkite, named his sailboat ASSIGNMENT so
that every time he was anchoring his sailboat rather than anchoring the
CBS evening news, he could say he was “on Assignment.”

Too many believers are on that kind of assignment, rather than on mission. Life is supposed to be a mission, not a holiday.

How about you, are  you on ASSIGNMENT, or on mission?

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