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Leadership Lessons from Down Under

March 10, 2008

Great week here in Manila with the 2 Kevin’s. Finally have a moment to update this blog, so here are some

observations and lessons from my time in Australia with the Christian Outreach Center leaders:

1. Family/Ministry Balance.
It was refreshing to be around visionary men who were just as eager to tell me about their kids and grandkids as they were to talk about their ministries. I believe doing ministry is exciting and important – but not quite as exciting and important as doing family. Priorities matter.

2. Emerging/Established Leadership Balance.
While most of the COC pastors are older than me, they seemed to intentionally surround themselves with and empower next generation leaders. Most pastors naturally work with people 10 years older and 10 years younger. That means a 50 year-old pastor will usually have staff that is 40-60 years old. It takes deliberate effort for the 50 year old pastor to attract and work with teens, 20’s and 30’s. These Aussies seemed to pull it off – established leaders leading with emerging leaders – without killing each other.

3. Youth/Adult Balance.
It is rare to see 50 & 60 year old pastors filling their stage with worship leaders and music teams of young people in their 20’s. While I might not always like the music style or the hairstyle – I love the results – a flood of young people “owning” the church and the vision. COC head honcho, David McD, said repeatedly, “it is not enough to just have a good youth group. If you want to reach youth, you have to make sure the youth influence and shape the CULTURE of the whole church.” I agree with David.

In summary, my Aussie experience inspired me to focus on family, next generation leaders and youth. I hope the Aussies learned something from me.

Special thx to Sean Morris for inviting me to minister to the COC leaders.


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