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EN2010 Top Ten

July 28, 2010

a·maz·ing [uh-mey-zing]-adjective
"causing great surprise or sudden wonder"

Here are my top 10 amazing Memories from EN2010:

10. Amazing Grace in 50 languages

9. Amazing Grace Aiyedogbon "Banquet Table" message

8. Amazing testimonies from the persecuted/suffering church in Iran, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, India,…

7. Stories of God using ordinary poor people in amazing ways: Efren,
Yasupadam, Jackie, Laotian student, Bangladeshi student,…

6. 1500 amazing Victory volunteers who served way beyond the call of duty

5. Amazing friends from every nation (well, not quite every nation, but from 50 nations)

4. Classic amazing Jackie quotes like "I'm 100% made in China, but I'm good quality because God made me."

3. Our amazing mission: EveryNationEveryCampus!!!

2. Amazed (& thankful) that the 8000 people on level 3 did not
crash on top of the 10,000 people on level 1 when the building started

1. The amazing goodness of God

See you in three years at EN2013.

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