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Five-Minute Leadership: Engaging the Campus with Chris & Cherelle Johnson

March 28, 2018


In this episode of Five-Minute Leadership, Pastor Steve sits down with Chris and Cherelle Johnson, leaders of Divine Unity Community Church, an Every Nation church in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Chris and Cherelle talk about how they intentionally engage college students in their church and personal lives. Chris shares, “One of the things that college students look for is family…when you are able to provide a piece of home in a place where they feel foreign, it welcomes them in and it opens up their heart….We intentionally get them around families and homes that are pursuing the Lord Jesus.”

To hear more, watch below.


Five-Minute Leadership: Engaging with Intentionality with Shaddy Soliman

March 14, 2018

5minuteLeadershipLogoFINALIn this latest episode of Five-Minute Leadership, Pastor Steve sits down with Pastor Shaddy Soliman, our Every Nation pastor in Lake Mary, Florida, to talk about practical tips for engaging your community.

Pastor Shaddy shared this about the Four Es: “We’ve been going for almost eight years now, and it’s been a very, very successful journey for us because it [the Four Es] gives a definition and a direction for how we really, truly make disciples.” To learn more, watch below.